Dr. Huo's Seminars:

1. Dr. Huo's Qi Gong 5 Needle Scalp Acupuncture (for Oncologic Conditions, Parkinson's Disease and other
shaking sydromes)

2. TCM orthopedics and trauma (bone fractures, joint and soft tissue injuries)

3. Tui Na Chinese Massage Techniques Level 1 and Level 2

4. Qi Gong Needling Technique Level 1 and Level 2

5. Eight Most Difficult Type of Cases Seminar

6. TCM Herbal Pharmacy Training

7. Weight Loss & Weight Gain, Improving Athletic performance, Anti-aging and Longevity

8. Acu-point Injection

1-Day Seminar - $200, 2 Days $350 (discount for 2 days), Students - $150 per day. Please contact Dr
. Huo for
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